RGS Unplugged 2016


The RGS Unplugged concert in February was another reminder of the number of talented musicians we have in the school.  The students all selected and rehearsed their own pieces and performed them to an excellent standard.  There are too many students involved to mention everybody, but I would particularly like to congratulate Lily F in the First Form, for putting herself forward to perform Jar of Hearts so brilliantly alongside much older students.  Also, this marks the final RGS Unplugged concert for Rachel D and Miranda H, who are the only performers ever to have performed in every school year at RGS since they joined RGS in the First Form.

The Upper Sixth Form students dominated the programme and demonstrated a very high level of musicianship and talent.  However, it was also evident that we have another strong group of performers in the lower years to fill the gap that they will leave behind.  Congratulations to all who performed, once again this was an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable concert.

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