RGS Science Week


RGS hosted our annual Science Week from 20–24 March.  The whole school had the opportunity to be involved in a range of exciting science activities across the five days, with First to Fourth Form each participating in a year group specific activity.

Monday saw the return of the SATRO engineering challenge.  The Second Form worked in small teams to design and build an emergency shelter.  A wide variety of ingenious designs were produced and students had great fun during the construction of their shelters. During lunch break Mr David Verity visited the Biology department to share with students “The good, the bad and the ugly of ophthalmic surgery”. This fascinating talk culminated with an eye and pig’s head dissection; James B assisted during the procedure after donning protective clothing to ensure he looked the part!

Tuesday continued with a Biology focus, as both First Formers and Lower Sixth Form biologists had the opportunity to meet and handle some “Animazing” species, including a reticulated python and a ginormous rabbit and learn more about their specialisations and physiology. Always great fun, even the Sixth Formers were heard to utter the rather unscientific description “aww, it’s a giant bunny rabbit”.

Wednesday saw the return of Colin Wright to present his amazing lecture on the mathematics of juggling to the Fourth Form, complete with exciting demonstrations of his juggling skills. Lower Sixth Form further mathematicians also had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on advanced number theory. A particular highlight of the week was the inspiring lecture on pharmacology; ‘How Medicines are Discovered and Developed’ by keynote speaker Professor Trevor Jones CBE FMedSci, which both Reigate Grammar Students and parents enjoyed as well as budding scientists from other local schools. A parent commented


“Many thanks for a really interesting talk – a great opportunity to hear about drug development from a leading expert.”


Thursday was an early start, as Sixth Former students and staff met for a Science Breakfast – a wide ranging discussion of one of Ben Goldacre’s articles on over-interpretation of evidence, accompanied by orange juice and pain-au-chocolat.  Five Lower Sixth From students – Tiger F-S, Amber R, Sam J, Jasmine H and Bilal A went on to present an assembly to the Lower School on their favourite scientific ideas. From poisons to the sleeping plant, Mimosa pudica, their fascinating presentations inspired the younger students to appreciate how broad and awe-inspiring the study of science can be.

The week culminated with SciFi Friday. The Third Form spent the day with the English and Music departments, writing, filming or composing; they have produced fantastic works which will be shared through an anthology and online.  They began by attending a range of inspiring short talks from science teachers, Mr Lewis and Keiran T, to help set the theme for the day.  At lunchtime the double act of Dr Purcell and Mr Crook wowed a crowded lab with a range of exciting Chemonstrations – an appropriately dramatic way to end the week.

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