CCF Biennial Review


On Tuesday, the cadets of Reigate Grammar School paraded for the Inspecting Officer, Group Captain Derek North, with impeccable drill and turnout.  The parade was lead by PO Tiger Fry-Stone and the guard of honour by FS Joshua P. The RN, Army, RAF and Corps of Drums were led by PO Daniel T, CSgt Amber R, Sgt Ben D- F and Drum Major (CSM) Zebulon B.  Our leading cadet WO Nicolas I was busy in his usual role in the Corps of Drums.  It really was an impressive sight from the dias and a very proud moment for our contingent.

The inspection continued at AquaSports in Mercers Park where Grp Capt D North was able to see our cadets in action in a variety of CCF activities.  Kayaking, SUPing, shelter building, command tasks, rockets, coracle race and archery (the inspecting officer even had a go) demonstrated our cadets’ team and leadership skills as well as the equally important values of the CCF: Courage, Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless Commitment.

After the hotly contested Gun Run the inspecting officer congratulated the cadets for a very successful day.  He presented the Gun Run Trophy and the overall section competition trophy to a very pleased Army Section.

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