Second Form English and T&P Trip to Canterbury


Tuesday 25 April saw the Second Form undertake their own epic pilgrimage to Canterbury. Although they were given the luxury of coach travel instead of making the journey barefoot as many pilgrims have done over the centuries, the final leg of the journey was was undertaken more traditionally (with shoes though!) Walking down the river towards the city centre, students followed in the footsteps of generations of pilgrims.

Making our own pilgrimage has really given students the opportunity to see what Chaucer’s pilgrims experienced; students have been studying The Canterbury Tales and took part in The Canterbury Tales Experience where they were they conveyed from London to Canterbury via Chacuer’s tales; Tahlia Carr-Stein said,

“It was really interactive and cool how you were taken through each story.”

Max Wilde was impressed with the attention to detail, even the authentic smells, as everyone was transported back to The Tabbard Inn in the late 1300s.

Students also took in a tour of the Cathedral to help their study of pilgrimages in T&P. Rosie Braid said

“there were lots of interesting facts and it was truly a majestic building.”

On a day like this, the visit wouldn’t have been complete without the school song ‘To Be a Pilgrim’; Mr. Hare conducted students in a particularly atmospheric rendition in the Chapter House of the cathedral.

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