Acorn Enterprise Challenge Success


Over the past six months, a number of Lower Sixth Form students competed in the 2016/17 Acorn Enterprise Challenge, run in conjunction with Fredericks Foundation. The challenge was offered to all students in the year group and provided them with the opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial side, whilst being able to take advantage of the support and advice of entrepreneurs linked to Fredericks Foundation. Last week saw the culmination of the challenge with the teams making very professional presentations to a panel of experts, including Mr Fenton, followed by a rigorous five minutes of Q&A.

Helios Calming Candles, (pictured) were adjudged to be the winning team and each member of the group has won the opportunity to complete a week’s work experience this summer in a field of their interest, with one possibility being within a candle company. All participants of the challenge will have learned some key life skills around team working, moving projects from ideas to implementation and some may even have discovered a real passion for the world of business.

The teams who completed the challenge have earned over £1300 in profit which will now be passed onto the Frederick Foundation to support the important work that they do.

Well done to all who took part in a very successful challenge.

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