Brothers Rupert and Tristan – Engineers of their own success


Last week, Rupert Heap, RGS’s first Gershon Scholar, excelled in his A Levels with three As and goes on to study engineering at Leeds University having benefited from mentoring from Old Reigatian and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Sir Peter Gershon, in addition to work experience at the National Grid.

This week, brother Tristan, another first of his kind being RGS’s first 1675 Scholar achieved 9A*s and 1A in his GCSEs. Tristan will now follow in his brother’s footsteps and will be awarded the Gershon scholarship for his excellent results. Both the Gershon and 1675 scholarships are part of RGS’s Changing Lives bursary programme that provides financial support to those whose potential is far greater than their financial means. Upon receiving the news of Rupert’s results, Sir Peter said:

“You [Rupert] have been a great first Gershon Scholar and your success is really heartening for me because it exemplifies what I hoped to achieve with this initiative. I am delighted to have been able to help you and wish you every success for the future both at Leeds University and in your subsequent career.”

We are so proud of the Heap brothers who have both really appreciated their bursaries and have excelled in their academic studies. Tristan will continue his studies in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics A Levels in the brand new Harrison Centre at RGS. Ms Heap, mother of the two boys, said:

“I am incredibly proud of my boys and cannot emphasise enough how grateful I am that Rupert and Tristan have both had the opportunity to come to such a wonderful school, a heartfelt thank you to Sir Peter and to RGS.”

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