Record Breaking Hockey Representatives


A record number of RGS students (41) now represent the county, Performance Centre and national age group level in Hockey. This includes the highest number of goal keepers, showing the strength of the RGS Hockey programme and the effect of the inspirational play from Sixth Former Jemma W, member of the England Hockey National Age Group (NAGs) programme, who played for England  U16s last year.

The record breaking selection also includes the highest number of boys ever selected with nine gaining honours. 1stXI Captain Scott Jones, former county and Performance Centre player, has had a huge impact here as Assistant Coach for the Surrey U13 Lions team.

List of Hockey Players in Surrey Academy Centre, county Performance Centre:



Emily B – U13 Panthers
Sophia V – U13 Panthers
Sophia C – non travelling reserve
Victoria C – GK Academy training
Ella B – U14 Lions
Stephanie S – U14 Lions
Annalise H – U14 Lions
Lily FJ – U14 Panthers
Alice N – U15 Lions
Kathryn B – U15 Panthers
Elise H – U15 Panthers
Freya M – U15 Panthers (missing from photo)
Zoe M – U16 Lions
Lucy B – U16 Lions
Lily G – U16 Lions
Katie D – U16 Lions
Brianna E – U16 Lions
Katie M – U16 Panthers
Libby S – U16 Panthers
Isabella CB – non travelling reserve
Sophie N – U17
Annie P – U17


Oscar G – U13 Lions
Matthew W – U13 Panthers
Josh H – U15 Lions
Charlie H – U15 Lions
George D – U15 Panthers
Harvey N – U16 Panthers
Ed M – U17
Matt MN – U17

Performance Centre

Steph W
Taylor W
Amy W
Ella W
Ellie H
Peggy W (missing from photo)
Izzy VS
Alice N
Ben T
Maya Y – AASE Programme

National Age Groups (NAGS) U17

Jemma W – England U16

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