English Karate Federation Open Nationals


Zack B has successfully attained his third karate brown belt and is working towards his black belt.

Last year Zack competed in the English Karate Federation Open Nationals. He was involved in regional training at that time but was not a squad member. He was entered into the competition by his local association.

In December 2017 he was selected as a regional squad member, and as a member of the squad he was chosen to compete last weekend. The entry gave him the support and encouragement of a professional coach on the day. Zack fought really well but was ultimately eliminated by the competitor who went on to become the national champion. Zack’s performance was of a high standard and he was unlucky to not beat his opponent.

Historically Zack has been the national champion for his age group in the Washinkai Karate group across three consecutive years. This is impressive feat, aided by his adeptness that allows him to outmanoeuvre older and at times larger competitors. He is now swimming in a much larger pond and competitors will come from all karate disciplines nationwide. We look forward to following his progress.


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