Geography and Economics Trip to Shanghai


In the first week of the Easter holidays a group of Economics and Geography students travelled to Shanghai. It was an eye opening experience where I got to experience a rich Chinese culture while at the same time seeing the influence that the west is having on the country. My particular highlights include the night time river cruise where we got to experience the lit-up Shanghai skyline plus the older part of the city called the Bund. I also enjoyed the trip to the Google offices where we got to travel up the building known as the ‘bottle opener’ and were able to hear the CEO’s insights into his western perspective on the developments happening in China.

We also visited the Volkswagen manufacturing plant, the Bao steel plant and a model socialist village which were insightful experiences that are directly linked to my A Level Geography and Economics courses and have helped me to understand first-hand the key concepts of globalization.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, both enhancing my education and broadening my knowledge of the wider world.

Georgina S 6BFC

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