Reigate Grammar School in The Times


On Saturday 28 April, in an article published in The Times, Mr Fenton commented that independent schools expose children to ‘healthy stress’ because of their emphasis on sports and dramatic arts.


The benefit of private education is being able to champion extracurricular activities which is at the heart of Reigate Grammar School’s approach.

“We’ve got a little bit more room to celebrate the arts, the extracurricular, and not be looking over our shoulder at what the inspectors will say. Sports and artistic activities provide teenagers with a much-needed dose of “healthy” stress, there’s a danger in our narrative around teenage life that we see stress as a negative”.


In the same week, Mr Fenton appeared in the Times Educational Supplement with a consistent message:

“Some of the best moments of being a teenager are first-night nerves, pre-match butterflies when you’re playing a local derby. Those are those stressful moments that give life its texture, its purpose, its real value.”


Here at RGS, we recognise the importance of exam results and their ability to open up doors of opportunity, but we fit the work around the fun, ensuring our students have a wide array of extra-curricular activities to explore. It is these activities and experiences that help children build personal qualities of character which make the biggest difference in determining happy and successful young adults.


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