RGS Philosophy – Professor Stephen Law Visit


3rd Form Theology and Philosophy Seminars with Prof. Stephen Law
Will we be good without God? This was the first question Stephen Law asked us at the Philosophy lecture he gave us. We discussed this in depth and there was a lot of discussion on what makes something moral or immoral; It raised the question of Is morality relative? Then Stephen Law asked us this: Is killing wrong because we say  it is or is it wrong because it is wrong? But it didn’t end there; he then posed the question Is killing wrong because God says it is or does God say it’s wrong because it is?’ We discussed a range of different points and then he showed us his thoughts and views on each matter.

The talk was very informative and really made you think. I enjoyed it very much.

Written by Eloise J, 3RJW

‘Why do I believe what I do?’: RGS Tea Time Lecture with Philosophy Prof. Stephen Law
Renowned Philosopher Stephen Law came to RGS on Monday to deliver a talk entitled Why do I believe what I do?. Well attended by both pupils and staff, the talk first examined quite what belief is, not belief simply in a religious context, but belief as in ‘the grass is green’.

Next, the debate for the evening was set up by launching into the various methods of how one can find belief in something or, perhaps more menacingly, be made to believe in something. This was conducted by examining which method of a given list was ‘best’; which, in turn begged the question, what is best in this context? The most effective? The most ethical? Some combination of the two?

All in all, a fascinating discussion, and thanks to Prof. Law for leading it.

Written by George B, 7CJH

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