Snow Update – Friday 1 February 2019


There has been snow throughout the night and continuing cold weather which is likely to cause some travel delays in a very cold week. Currently, the school remains open.

Summary Plan for Friday

Whilst the weather forecast looks fine for today, there has been a little bit of snow overnight. However, we will do our best to carry on with the normal school day timings and arrangements. Some students and teachers may have their own travel difficulties given the overnight snow and so there may be a little disruption to normal lessons. No more snow is forecast so conditions are only going to improve. With no more snow to come, travel home should see little or no snow impact. Further decisions about closure etc. will be broadcast via the school website, social media (twitter: @rgsheadmaster @reigategrammar, facebook.com/reigategrammarschool) and e mail – please do pass them on.

No one should travel if it isn’t safe to do so.

The weather looks to be fine for next week. In the event of very cold weather and snow, we will continue to keep you posted about the weather conditions and if the school will open or close. Even if there is a bit of snow and even if some snow settles we will still be fully open. It will only be if there is extensive travel chaos meaning that all learning would be totally disrupted and/or the school site is unsafe that we would close.

I will keep you informed as best as I can. We will broadcast decisions as quickly as possible and this will be via e mail, Twitter, Facebook and the School Website and will be by 7:00am if there is any question about whether we will open or close.

Please ensure all children wrap up warm with coats, hats, gloves and scarves today as it looks like it will be very cold.

Shaun Fenton


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