RGS Plugged


Following the established Unplugged series of concerts, RGS saw the inaugural Plugged concert on Tuesday evening in the Old Library. The House band was augmented by Tom K and Henry F on guitar, as well as the superb brass section of Freya M, Sophia H and Lakith G. There was a wide range of music from Adele to Oasis, brilliantly performed by twenty students. There is not enough space to mention them all here; however, special mention should be given to Timea C and Jemima W. These two upper sixth students have performed regularly in the Unplugged series and this will be their final performance in this genre at RGS.

The concert also saw several students putting themselves forward to perform for the first time, including Leah B, Kate G, Tilly R, Brianna E and Esther W. The evening showcased the outstanding musical talent of the students at RGS as they stunned a very appreciative audience.

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