Silver DofE

Practice Canoe Expedition

Three Silver DofE canoe groups recently completed their three day practice expedition. One of the fastest groups seen by the leaders and trainers, they flew down river all day every day which was great to see.

Communication and teamwork skills were excellent – there were many times where they had to band together to portage the canoes around locks and into campsites and they all mucked in equally.

Practice Hike

Eighty students successfully completed their Silver practice expedition in June in the stunning Surrey Hills. This was a challenging hike – backpacking over 60km and climbing 1500m in three days. The navigation across parts of the Surrey Hills is frequently challenging, through forests, steep slopes and a multitude of similar paths. Heavy rain over the last night partly broke the humid conditions but it was still a sweaty and demanding hike for everyone.

Groups performed extremely well and made excellent progress on their routes and also ensured they left no trace when leaving camp.

Mr Collins 

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