Anti-bullying week and Dr Aric Sigman


It has been a busy week using the theme of kindness to highlight the importance of looking after everyone within our community. The First Form enjoyed a drop-down PSHEE day exploring different aspects on the theme of anti-bullying, while other year groups looked specifically at kindness in electives and assemblies. Dr Aric Sigman spoke to Fourth Form students and also led a brilliant parent forum on the topic of ‘Preventing mental health problems in teenagers’, with one parent commenting: “I just wanted to say thank you for organising yesterday’s talk. I found it fascinating and, as a scientist, it was refreshing to see every statement substantiated by sensible research rather than a media-based interpretation! I have particularly taken on board the messages about sleep and exercise for our child (and the rest of us!).”

It seems like a good time to pause for a moment and to encourage any parent with concerns about how their child is getting on to let us know. This might be anything from a worry about friendships, to sleep or diet, or indeed any aspect of their emotional or physical health. We don’t have a magic wand, but we do have a team of dedicated staff who are keen to work with parents to help ensure that every RGS student has the best possible chance of enjoying a healthy and balanced life. You can contact your child’s Form Tutor, or Head of Year in the first instance and if they feel that the concern needs a more specialist route, then they may then signpost you to other staff who can help. Please never be worried about sharing something with us – nothing is too small, or indeed to complex. We are not here to judge, but to support and find resolutions where we can.

In the meantime, I hope your children enjoy a rest on Friday, and can get outside in the fresh air, spend time with friends or family, or do something just for fun!

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