RGS CCF take the plunge at Lee Valley White Water Centre


Activities day found the Royal Navy, RAF and Army cadets departing early for an adrenaline packed day of white water rafting at the Lee Valley White Water Centre, home of the Kayak 2012 Olympic games.

After receiving their equipment and safety briefing, everyone jumped into the water to familiarise themselves with the flow of the river and to demonstrate their swimming ability. Having passed the test, two rafts sailed off on their first lap. The group learned a series of manoeuvres such as lean left/right forward/back, sit in, paddles up that would help control the raft.

After a couple of gentle laps, the instructors decided to up the ante and had crews surf the waves and soon the rafts were filling up with water, spraying everyone at the same time!

A fantastic time was had by all during what was a great team bonding exercise.

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