Physics in Action


On a rainy Tuesday towards the beginning of November, the A-level physicists of the Lower Sixth Form gathered at London’s Victoria station for a day of fascinating lectures at the Emmanuel Centre Westminster.

Passing the Indonesian Embassy and the Home Office on the walk over, the auditorium of the prestigious functions location hosting the Physics in Action event offered a welcome relief from the weather as the group sat down before the first speaker. Over the course of the day, a wide variety of amazing topics were covered, ranging from the physics of the smart buildings of the present and the future, the changing definitions of crucial SI units, the wonders of the visible and invisible universes, the unusual physical properties of solid water, and the analysis of sounds produced by the spectacular (and somewhat unexpected) gymnastics of the tongue and larynx.

All in all, this trip proved extremely worthwhile, and opened all our eyes to the stunning variety of opportunities that studying physics can lead to.

Words by Hugo G


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