The War for Children’s Minds – Stephen Law lecture


On  Monday we were lucky enough to have Stephen Law – professional philosopher and author of many books, come to RGS to provide Upper School students with a workshop. The first subject was primarily about the knowledge of and existence of God and how humans can come to know of God’s existence and how reliable this was. The interactive talk provided us with the opportunity to speak with Law about other philosophical topics we had learnt as part of our syllabus and extra reading we had completed. Later, we spoke more about sexual ethics and homosexuality, discussing alternate views on certain topics. This gave us an opportunity to learn more around the work we have been doing in class which enhanced our abilities to link this topic to others we write about.

After school in a twilight lecture attended by 80 people including parents there was the opportunity to hear about morality in the modern world in a talk entitled How to Raise Good People. Many of us debated whether morality now was better than the set of morals generations before us had. This invited more ideas about our society today which permitted students to discuss both the horrific and the pleasant aspects of the world today.

We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and the opportunities we had to think more widely about philosophical and ethical issues.

Sabah A, Upper Sixth Form

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