RGS We Care

We are living in a time of extreme uncertainty with the impact of coronavirus affecting our daily lives. All of us here at RGS have the entire Reigatian community in our thoughts. #RGSWeCare

The benefit of being part of a large, connected, global community is that we have the power, collectively to do some good.

RGS is here to help you – wherever you are in the world and whatever your association to the school.

We call on our wonderful connected Reigatian community to help and support each other in the difficult – indeed unprecedented – times that we face.

If the RGS team can help in any way, please get in contact via our dedicated number, or email:

Telephone / text : 07535 799 344

Email: rgswecare@reigategrammar.org

Can RGS help?


  • Would you like a chat with someone friendly on the phone?
  • Do you need some urgent supplies?
  • Can we connect you with some Reigatians in your area?
  • Need someone to post a letter or run an errand?

Are you able to become a Reigatian volunteer?


  • Be on hand to chat to someone
  • Deliver some essential supplies
  • Be on standby to help!

Over the coming days and weeks, our support will include:


  • Sending handwritten letters from RGS students
  • Making phone calls to those who may be living alone
  • Uploading videos showcasing the many talents of RGS students
  • Sending weekly e-newsletters featuring stories and recollections to bring the Reigatian community together

You are not alone, RGS is here to help in any way we can.


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