Lakith composes best results


Lakith G, a very talented musician and mathematician, has achieved an excellent set of GCSE results. He was awarded eleven 9 grades which is fantastic.

Lakith, who has a grade 8 distinction in piano, trombone and music theory, is a key instrumentalist, playing in the school’s swing and concert bands as well as the symphony orchestra and brass ensemble. He has performed solos in several high-profile concerts in Ghent, at RGS and in Dorking Halls to name a few. Lakith has also been a key contributor to RGS’s Hans Woyda team, competing in mathematical challenges against other schools.

Lakith joined RGS in the First Form, coming from Copthorne Prep School. In addition to his pursuits in music and maths, he is also a strong swimmer, contributing to the school’s success in swimming and biathlon.

Lakith is excited to be a part of the RGS Sixth Form where he will benefit from the Harrison Centre, studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. About his results and time so far at RGS, Lakith said,

“Thank you to all my teachers, friends and family for their continued support throughout my studies. While this year has been rather odd, it has been a real joy pursuing my GCSE courses and studying the subjects I love. I am incredibly excited to move into the Sixth Form to further heighten my understanding of my favourite subjects.”

Lakith plans to celebrate his brilliant achievement with a family meal out later today.

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