Stay Connected with the RGS App

Keep up to date with Reigate Grammar School. For prospective Reigatians, current parents or members of our Reigatian Community – download the new RGS App for on-the-go, up to date information, stories and resources.

To download the app please scan this code and set up your account indicating whether you are a prospective parent or a member of the existing Reigatian Community.

The RGS App provides an interactive mobile platform that:

  • Connects members of the Reigatian community
  • Answers all your admissions needs
  • Keeps you informed about school and RGS Foundation news and events
  • Live streams RGS events to you ‘virtually’.
  • Updates your tailored ‘news feed’ with school community information

For Prospective Reigatians, the RGS app offers you the opportunity to ‘visit RGS virtually’, via our interactive tour. It also allows you to sign up to open events and apply online. You can view all admissions publications, including our online prospectus and view guidance to help you with your application.

For the Reigatian Community, encompassing current parents, former pupils, former parents, staff and friends of RGS, the app provides a wealth of content from the school and the RGS Foundation. For current parents the app offers school news at your fingertips, as well as the school calendar and other important information and resources. You can view school updates and events on your tailored news feed just as you would with other school social media channels. It also offers an interactive mobile platform for members of the Reigatian community to connect with each other as well as receiving Reigatian news on-the-go. You can view information about the RGS Foundation and their work, receive push notifications for upcoming events and access live streams of Reigatian community events.

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