Film premiere of The Secret Diary at The Leatherhead Theatre


Wednesday evening saw a rare event these days – 150 people gathered on the red carpet to watch a film premiere at The Leatherhead Theatre.

Masks, strict social distancing, temperature checks, and track-and-trace registration were all in place to allow an excited audience to be the first to watch The Secret Diary, which was filmed during lockdown and the start of term by third and fourth form students.

RGS Drama legend Archie Collins was the director of photography for this project, which was directed by Miss Hare and starred Tom C, Ruth A, Billy R, Charlie P-J, Lukas C, Edie W, Charlotte S, Hayden C, Ed B and Yoli M, as well as an enthusiastic and talented ensemble of dancers, singers and actors.

The film was a delight, transforming locations including Broadfield House, the Headmaster’s garden, the graveyard and even cast members’ houses into the 1980s. At such a challenging time for the arts in general, this film really showed the commitment of students and staff to completing this project, which was originally scheduled to be a stage production in June, and had to be adapted into a film when that became impossible.  Oscars all round.

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