DofE Silver Expedition


With all of the ups and downs this year has brought, it was incredibly uplifting to once again see RGS DofE students enjoying activities in the great outdoors as they trekked over 50km across the South Downs from Lewes to Arundel. They enjoyed settled weather and grand views across the English Channel and across the Weald, navigating extremely well and improving their distance and timing estimates.

Each day coaches returned students to Reigate where they camped together in family gardens. Parents made the camping experience a good one, entering into the spirit of DofE and helping groups with their cooking and camping arrangements. While not the usual camp site scenario, this was a great leaning experience for all and great fun and our sincere thanks go to all of the parents for their huge contribution.

At the end of the expedition groups finished at Arundel Station where most jumped on a train home to start half term. Well done everyone for making this Covid style expedition a success!

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