Solidarity with Ukraine – Thank you

We are all watching events in Ukraine with great sadness. As part of RGS’s ongoing commitment to support the wider community through the #RGSWeCare initiative, we put out an urgent appeal for donations of essential items to support the increasing number of refugees trying to escape the conflict in Ukraine and the response from Reigatians was incredible.

We are proud to have worked closely with Polish Saturday School, St Wilfrid’s who highlighted this urgent need for first aid kits, thermal clothes, hats and gloves, sleeping bags, duvets, blankets, pillows and sheets, batteries, flashlights plus particular items for children and much more.

On the morning of Saturday 5 March 2022 Reigatians were able to drop-off donations within the school playground.

We are full of pride that collectively with local schools, organizations and companies and with thanks to your generosity and willingness to help, we were able to fill not one, but two double-decker buses, and not one, but two big vans full of gifts to support people affected by hostilities in Ukraine. This was a huge response!

Every gesture of solidarity proves the strength of our nations in the face of emergency situations that require special unity, thank you Reigatians for your continued support.



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