GCSE Student Successes


Reigatians do so much here at school, on the sports field, in drama performances, spectacular music concerts, community engagement programmes, as volunteers, with environmental initiatives, supporting charities, and in other adventures such as DofE and the CCF. Our students have an energy and optimism that makes them a delight be around. They are well placed to succeed in life based on their qualities of character and with qualifications that will open doors of opportunity. Here are just a few stories from a wonderful group of people.


Twin Celebrations

Twins Matthew H and Sophie H joined RGS from Longacre School. They are excelling at RGS, both enjoy Drama at RGS with Sophie starring on the stage and brother Matthew on technical support with sound, lighting and live-streaming which has been extremely helpful in the past few years. The twins have also enjoyed completing their Duke of Edinburgh award alongside their studies.They are certainly enjoying academic success and have secured an amazing collection of top GCSE grades – the most popular grade for these twins being a top grade 9! Wow.
Both will stay on to complete their A Levels in the RGS Sixth Form, with Matthew choosing to study Geography, Chemistry and Physics. Sophie will also study Geography as well as English and French.
They look forward to celebrating their results together this evening.

Delighted with their successful results, Matthew said,

“Thanks to all our teachers for the support in lessons, especially when we had to study at home during lockdown, which has allowed us both to get these results”.

Sophie echoed his words saying,

“We are relieved finally to have our results!”


Lily F knocks it for six – straight 9s

As a fine Reigatian, Lily F is a keen cricketer and, alongside RGS fixtures, has recently been playing for the Surrey Girls’ Emerging Player Group (EPG) programme and the South East Stars Academy.
Lily has done tremendously well in her GCSEs securing straight 9 grades across ten subjects. It has been quite a couple of weeks for the Fosters as Lily’s sister, Jasmine, secured straight A* grades in her A Levels last Thursday.

Lily came to RGS into the First Form from local primary Reigate Priory Junior School and is excited to embark upon her A Levels in Art, English, History and Psychology in the RGS Sixth Form.
Lily was delighted with her results, saying,

“I’m so thrilled and want to say thank you to all my teachers. I feel glad that the hours I put in really paid off.”


Broken finger – no problem says Oliver

Oliver W is the third of three boys in the family to study at RGS, coming from local prep school The Hawthorns.
Oliver had an unfortunate setback the day before sitting one of his GCSEs, breaking his finger and therefore having to use a computer to do many of his exams. Despite this, he still aced his GCSEs achieving a range of impressive top grades. Oliver, an RGS sports scholar with a committed and selfless attitude, plays for the school in both cricket and rugby and is also a talented golfer. Oliver is looking forward to pursuing A Levels in Chemistry, Design & Technology and Physics and hopes to study architecture after his Sixth Form studies.
Oliver will be celebrating these results whilst on a family holiday in Canada. He and his family told us,

“These are fantastic results received while on a great family holiday in Canada, we are delighted, it has been a difficult few years through Covid, but RGS has delivered a great learning environment.”


Kishan’s results go swimmingly

Kishan P joined RGS from Cumnor House school and has really enjoyed his first five years here balancing his studies with a wide range of co-curricular pursuits including Duke of Edinburgh and rugby. Kishan is also a strong and versatile swimmer and has competed for the school during his time here.
Kishan has scored a set of straight 8 and 9 grades in his GCSEs and looks forward to continuing his Sixth Form studies benefiting from the purpose-built Sixth Form accommodation in the RGS Harrison Centre studying A Levels in Chemistry, Maths and PE.
About his time at RGS so far, Kishan said,

“It was quite a change coming to RGS from an all boys’ school, but I settled in well and found it easy to make friends”.

He added,

“I’ve loved my time at RGS so far. The best bits have been making friends and competing for the school in swimming and rugby. I’m really looking forward to playing rugby for the 1st XV team next year and using the Sixth Form centre for my free study time.”

Mr Patel, Kishan’s father was very proud saying,

“The school has given Kishan a really good foundation. It is not all about the studies, but provides an all-round education which is character building for the future.



Superb Performance by Caitlyn

In addition to being a committed member of the Senior Girls’ Voices choir, Caitlyn F is involved in a wide variety of activities in the Drama department, including running the junior drama society, choreographing for the department as well as running the musical theatre society.
Caitlyn is a talented chorister and musical theatre enthusiast who has performed amazingly well in her GCSEs gaining a fantastic nine 9 grades and one 7 grade. Caitlyn is exploring organisations for her future who recruit talent based on a neurodiverse profile. Caitlyn has done a whole year group assembly sharing her personal journey with neurodiversity and is a figurehead for promoting neurodiverse learning within RGS.
Caitlyn has been in the RGS family of schools for eight years, joining RGS in the First Form from Reigate St Mary’s and is looking forward to continuing her studies in the RGS Sixth Form with A Levels in Chemistry, Drama, Maths and Further Maths.
Having received her results, Caitlyn spoke so positively about a number of her teachers:

“I’m so grateful to the support from my teachers – Miss Paine in particular – I was worried about being dyslexic and going into English GCSE but it was amazing to have such an understanding and supportive teacher. Mr Welch is simply the best teacher on the planet! He has a lateral approach to teaching which suits my learning. Thank you also to Mrs Sileo who helped me through the whole of the First and Second Forms. Finally, the Drama department – it has been my massive happy place! Quite often neurodivergent people don’t fit into the arts but I have been so lucky to be accepted into that world.”



All Round Grades 9s for All Round Sportsman Cameron

Cameron H joined RGS in the First Form from local primary school, Reigate Priory Junior School. Cameron’s teachers have said that he is an all-round sportsman and a dedicated rugby player: he is a superb public speaker and has spoken about his experiences at RGS at multiple open mornings, advocating an RGS education to hundreds of prospective Reigatians each year.
Cameron has gained a brilliant set of straight 9 grades in his GCSEs – what an achievement – and will now commence his A Level studies in just a couple of weeks in the RGS Harrison Centre, studying Biology, Maths, Physics and Further Maths.
Cameron just couldn’t believe it when he opened his results this morning, saying,

“I’m really happy and relieved. I will definitely be celebrating with friends and family tonight”.


Henry kick-starts his football career

Henry R has balanced his GCSE programme with his commitment to becoming a professional footballer. He plays for AFC Wimbledon Academy and is an outstanding sportsman and trains on four nights per week as well as travelling to numerous weekend fixtures and balances his studies. Henry has achieved a string of top grades.
Football at RGS is a new and developing sport and during his time here, Henry has participated in several school fixtures on top of his extensive commitment to AFC Wimbledon.
RGS always offers a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to the specific needs of individual children and Henry’s situation is no different. We will be working with Henry and his family to support balancing his studies in the RGS Sixth Form with his aspiration to be a professional footballer.
Henry collected his results this morning, saying,

“I’m really grateful for the support and flexibility that RGS has offered me. I’ve often had to leave school early because of my training commitments which has sometimes been difficult but the school has been so helpful and supportive, it’s made a real difference”.


Ini jumps for joy

Ini A is a superb athlete and balances her studies with netball and athletics. In netball, Ini has played consistently for her age group A team at RGS and is an inspiration on and off the court, always encouraging her team. This summer, she was selected into the Super League Performance Pathway for U17 London Pulse. In athletics, Ini has trained hard to improve her natural ability as a sprinter and jumper and this July she enjoyed volunteering and helping children at a local primary school for their sports day.
Head of Athletics and Netball, Mrs Hillsdon, said,

“Ini’s passion for sport is a joy to see – her enthusiasm, fantastic team spirit and dedication is a credit to her and an excellent example to others.”

Ini has secured six 9 grades and three 8 grades in her GCSEs. What a superb set of GCSE results! Ini is excited to continue her studies in the RGS Sixth Form, benefiting from the excellent facilities that the Harrison Centre offers, she has chosen to study A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

Ini joined RGS from St Matthew’s C of E Primary School. RGS is committed to driving social mobility, ensuring an RGS education is a possibility for students from a wide range of backgrounds. During her time here, Ini has benefitted from the school’s bursary programme and it is a delight to see her do so well and go on to study her A Levels in the RGS Sixth Form.

Reflecting on her GCSE results and her time at RGS so far Ini said,

“I feel relieved and a bit of disbelief. I’m really grateful to RGS for all their support over the five years and for all the people that helped me. Overall, I feel happy and excited to start the RGS Sixth Form.”


Connor’s Changing Lives opportunity

Connor M is a looked after child in foster care who has had his life chances transformed through an RGS education. Connor joined RGS from Merstham Primary School and has flourished in all aspects of school life, throwing himself into the extensive extra-curricular programme: he has grown in maturity and become an all-round talented sportsman playing rugby, hockey and table tennis for the school – showing the true characteristics of a Reigatian.
Reigate Grammar School’s 1675 Bursary Fund seeks to change the lives of talented children who might otherwise not have been able to benefit from an RGS education. Connor is a recipient of a 1675 scholarship which has certainly changed his life. Having aced his GCSEs, Connor looks forward to continuing his studies in the RGS Sixth Form.
Speaking about Connor’s life chances at RGS Cindy, Connor’s foster mother, said,

“I have found that the Reigatian community is very passionate about improving the life chances of young people. I know this from my own experience and how their generosity has provided a pathway to success for my son through the gift of education. We are both excited and extremely thankful for this life-changing opportunity.”

Connor, speaking about his results and his future studies, said,

“I’m so pleased to be staying on into the Sixth Form at RGS, I’ve really enjoyed my time here and am looking forward to going out to celebrate with my school friends this evening.”


Yoli dances to her future

Yoli M, a talented dancer, has played a huge part in drama, theatre and dance at RGS. She is a leading light in the culture of dance at RGS and has won a number of choreography slams during her time here.
Yoli joined RGS from St Catherine’s prep school in Bramley and has had a very enjoyable five years here. She has done so well in her GCSEs achieving a full set of 9 and 8 grades and now leaves RGS to attend the English National Ballet School, a specialist training centre for aspiring and talented ballet dancers transforming young dancers into world-class performers. We wish her all the best in her future as a ballet dancer and look forward to seeing her on the stage around the world. Yoli, delighted with her results spoke positively about her five years at RGS,

“I’m really happy that my hard work has paid off. I am sad to leave to RGS but excited for the next chapter.”


Flautist Zachary flourishes in GCSEs

Zac S, one of the most enthusiastic musicians at Reigate Grammar School is a flautist, pianist, organist sings in the choir and is a keen conductor. During his time here, he has founded his own chamber orchestra and run student-led ensembles. Not only a musician, Zac is also a talented sportsman, playing both rugby and cricket for the school. He is a committed member of the sporting community and overcame a concussion injury playing rugby just before his GCSE exams. It clearly hasn’t put him off as he embarks on the South African rugby tour next summer. Zac has also been involved in RGS’s public speaking programme and TED conference.
Zac came to RGS from Chinthurst School – one of the RGS junior schools – and is excited to continue his studies in the Sixth Form remaining part of the RGS family. Zac achieved a fantastic set of top grades and looks forward to studying Economics, Maths, Music and Further Maths as his A Level subjects.
Zac can’t wait to celebrate today’s results, and told us some highlights from his time at RGS saying,

“So far at RGS, I’ve been lucky enough to take part in wide-ranging opportunities. RGS allows me to do everything from playing rugby to performing at Cadogan Hall, London as well as participating in public debates. Real highlights have included the France-Spain rugby tour that allowed us to see San Sebastian and the orchestral tour to Ghent.”

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