Committee & Meetings


Committee Meeting Dates 2016 / 2017

  • 24 April (M): 7.30pm M2
  • 19 June (M): 7.30pm M2

Meetings are open to all parents as guests and you are very welcome to attend. For more information please contact: pfa@reigategrammar.org

Joanne Packham, Chair
Anna Tarrant, Deputy Chair
Helen Fadai, Treasurer
Lesley Thompson-Lamont, Secretary
Frances Gill
Jerry Clarke
Stephanie Edwards
Melissa Jones
Amanda Kerr, Ball Committee Chair
Stephen McKenna
Nicky Quantick
Anna Tarrant
Jo Hennessy
Mo McKendrick Jones
Tanya Bird
Jatindar Thompson
Lucy Rothera

Ex-officio members
Bill Edwards
Martin Hallpike
Ali Massey

Chair Uniform committee
Jo Last