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As a committee we are always looking at ways to raise funds for the school, you will see below a list of events that we host during the school year and we are constantly looking at new and fun ways to involve the RGS community.


We are really excited to have joined forces with to set up an easy to use portal that as a parent of a pupil at RGS you have automatic access to. All you have to do is to do your online shopping via the portal rather than direct with the individual retailer.

It doesn’t cost you a single penny but don’t forget that every time you shop you are helping to raise funds for the benefit of the school!

There are nearly 3,000 retailers on board already including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, Thetreainline and Sainsbury’s, and the number is growing all of the time.

So all that you have to do is:

  • Shop – Every time you shop online go to easyfundraising and start shopping!
  • Raise – After you’ve checked out, the retailer will make a donation to the PFA.


If you’re worried about forgetting to shop via the fundraising portal then simply set up the Donation Reminder when you first visit and it will prompt you each time you shop online.

Remember you pay the same, there is no extra cost to you at all.

There are no hidden charges and no hidden catches it’s just a really easy way to support the PFA and enable us to raise more money for the school.

Thank you for your support and happy shopping!

PFA Ball
The annual ball held in November is the PFA’s largest fundraising event. It is always incredibly well attended and is a great chance for parents to get to know one another as well of course to have a great evening of dining and dancing!

Comedy Night
We ran the inaugural comedy night at RGS in 2015 and it was such an outstanding success.  We are hoping to repeat the success for 2019.

Christmas Shopping Event
Another new event for us in 2015 was an enormously successful shopping evening. We are  really looking forward to running it again in 2018.

Christmas Tree Sale
We run this event every year and every year parents come back to buy their trees from us. The quality is consistently high and we are pleased that we get such great feedback from parents and staff who buy from us.

I just wanted to pen an email to thank the PFA for another fantastic Christmas tree. The ones you sell are, in my opinion, the very best you can buy in Reigate… and a great collection service!

Yet again we were very happy with the Christmas tree. As ever, it was a lovely tree and only a small amount of needles dropped. It was so easy to arrange and collect. We will definitely be back for another next year.

Satisfied customers from our tree sale of 2015!



First and Second Form Discos
These junior discos have been a successful feature of the PFA calendar for many years. They are incredibly well received and everyone always has a great time!

Nearly New Uniform Sale
These sales are held once every term, and in the winter terms also include ski wear at knock down prices!

New Parents Welcome Event
Every year the PFA runs a social evening for all new parents to the school. It’s a great opportunity to socialise and meet other new parents.



In recent years the PFA has made a number of donations to the school, including new outdoor classroom areas and a new tea pavilion at the Hartswood sports ground. We are immensely proud of being able to make such significant contributions to the quality of the facilities at Hartswood. We also however try to raise funds for smaller projects and have managed to make other contributions to school life. These include a number of benches in the playground, outdoor table tennis and table football equipment, as well as making an annual contribution to the Sixth Form leavers’ event

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Recently we have also made significant donations to some of the School’s teaching departments and as can be seen by these responses they have been warmly received:

“Last year the PFA funded the purchase of two new digital cameras. These cameras have benefitted both Art and photography students; enabling students to not only take photographs of their work for documentation but also supporting their development of ideas and manipulating images in a digital format. They also provided the funding for a new A1 printing press for room 31 which has enabled students to work larger through various printmaking processes such as dry point etching and collographs. The purchase of a silk screen washing booth has also enabled students to work on a larger scale with silk screen printing and has been an invaluable resource to the art Department.

We are eternally grateful for what the PFA has done for us, these are items that are large purchases within a department budget so being able to use the money raised by the PFA has made a huge difference to us, so thank you very much to the team”.
Elizabeth Burns, Head of Art Department

We have so many students who would like to trial an instrument before committing and being able to offer them their instrument of choice to hire first is a huge bonus. This is because we have been able to buy a wide range of instruments with the PFA donation money…”
Maria Green, Music Department Manager

“It’s great to work in a Department that can so easily support the technical requirements of young musicians. It is due to the generous donations by the PFA that we can continue to allow students to try out and learn about the latest music technology and equipment…”
Jo Sadler, Graduate Music Assistant

“I am amazed at the quality and range of musical equipment and instruments available for our students. I understand that a big part of this is facilitated by the kind donations from the PFA – thank you!”
Toby Carden, Director of Music

“The RGS weather station, donated by the PFA, has become an exciting part of the school and a unique pioneering educational project amongst schools. It is used by various departments in school for teaching purposes including Geography and Maths. The sky is literally not the limit with RGS weather and we have exciting plans for the future.”
Simon Collins, Geography Department