PFA Nearly New Sales

Nearly New Uniform Sale Dates 2018-2019

  • 6 October 2018
  • 26 January 2019
  • 15 June 2019

Sales are held from 10:00-11:00am in the PMH.

Thank you for considering donating or consigning your items to the Nearly New Sale. There is always a high demand for good condition uniform and sports kit and of course the sales only work if we have quality items for sale. We hope the information below will answer all your questions about this easy way to recycle uniform and sports kit, but please do not hesitate to contact us at pfa@reigategrammer.org if you have any questions.

Nearly New Sales are held at least once each term in the PMH, with the summer term usually having two sales. Advance notice of the sales and dates are given in the weekly Bulletin and the school calendar.

There is a demand for all clean, current uniform, PE and sports kit. The small sizes are popular for new starters, but all items are in demand. We also accept good condition orchestra and drama blacks, sports equipment, rucksacks and games bags as well as outdoor clothing, waterproofs and boots which may be suitable for DofE and/or CCF. Ski wear is collected and sold in the winter and spring terms and our sales in the summer term are popular for new starters.

Important Information

Our aim in running the Nearly New Sales is to ensure that we run an efficient recycling and money saving service for our school community, as well as raising funds for the PFA. We do our best to sell every donated and consigned item that we receive at the price requested. However, please note that we may reject or dispose of items deemed not acceptable for sale and may also adjust price (up or down) if necessary. We are keen to ensure that the quality of our stock is high and that there is a regular turnover of items offered. To help with this, we ask that items that are donated or consigned should be washed and clean, with name labels removed or the name rendered illegible, and they should be of good quality as we will not accept items that are dirty or damaged.

Our storage space is limited and if an item remains unsold a year after we have received it, or we don’t feel it is suitable for us to sell when we receive it, then, if necessary, we reserve the right to dispose of the item or donate it to charity as we see fit. Please also note that we cannot sell sports kit from tours or old style (non Kukri) sports kit.

If you would like the item returned to you if it remains unsold a year after you have consigned it, or if we do not feel we can sell it, please ensure that you note this clearly on the label and that you include a phone number and an email address on the label so that we can contact you to arrange return. If the contact details are missing or incorrect, we will be unable to contact you and the items will be disposed of.

How To Sell Items

You have two options, either you can donate your nearly new items to the PFA (so the PFA receive 100% of the takings), or you can sell your items on commission, where you will receive 70% of the income and the PFA will receive 30%.

If you are donating then all you have to do is to make sure your items are clean with any labels/names removed or rendered illegible and then leave them at the Porters’ desk in a bag clearly marked ‘Donation For PFA Nearly New Sale’.

If consigning items to be sold on commission, please ensure that you have completed a label for each item being sold. The label should then be attached securely to the item. Please use safety pins or sew the labels on as other methods tend not to be very secure or can damage the garments. A guide to prices can be found here but you can generally estimate the sale price as being around 1/3 of the original price. Some items in demand (eg Kukri sports tops) that are also in good condition may command a higher price.

Any unlabelled items that we receive will be sold with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the PFA.

When the garment is sold we use the information on the label to get the payment to you, so please ensure your contact details are correct and legible. The PFA treasurer will email or phone you to organise payment of your 70% commission on the sale.

If you earn £5 or more from selling items then you will be paid that amount immediately. If you earn less than this the Treasurer will keep a record of the amount you’ve earned. Each time you sell something at the sale, the total owed to you will be added to what’s already owed to you and when you reach £5 you will be paid. If you don’t reach the £5 level by the end of the year, then whatever you’ve earned will be paid to you then.

Thank you so much for donating or consigning your RGS items. It really is fantastic recycling and helps to provide the school community with uniform and sports kit at a manageable price.