Computing is rapidly changing every aspect of the world we all live in.

When our students leave university and look for their first job, many of them will be applying for roles that do not yet exist. A well-rounded education should help prepare them for this constantly evolving world. Studying computing teaches students a range of invaluable life skills such as reasoning, logic, problem solving, precision and resourcefulness.

All students in the First and Second Forms will study a range of activities that are designed to develop these “Computational Thinking” skills. This will include the use of programming environments such as Scratch and Robomind, where techniques, such as loops and IF/Else, are introduced that help a programmer solve problems. They will move towards being able to use the popular Python language to write simple yet interesting programs.

Computing is a very popular option subject for GCSE at Reigate Grammar School. Students of computing have a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of how computers work and to create and troubleshoot computer programs for real-life purposes. Computing develops valuable programming and computational thinking skills, which are increasingly relevant to a wide variety of jobs. Employers want workers with an understanding of rigorous principles that can be applied to changing technologies.

We encourage students to explore how computers work and communicate in a variety of contexts. They will study the complexities of the workings of the CPU and the movement of data inside a computer, as well as the nature and representations of data itself. The workings of networks and the Internet will be explained in detail, as will the role of the operating system and other software.

There is ample opportunity for students to apply and consolidate their knowledge of computer programming by carrying out practical tasks that will develop their capacity for imaginative, innovative thinking, creativity and independence. They will develop programming skills in HTML, Python and Java.

The department also runs a wide range of extra-curricular clubs. These change depending on the needs and interest of students and have previously included animation, robotics, Scratch, GameMaker, Java and computer engineering.

Course Summary and Specifications
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