Food and Nutrition

Knowing how to choose and prepare healthy and nutritious food is a very important skill in life.

Improving the health of the upcoming generation is vitally important, not only for the sake of individual students and their families but also for the sake of public health and budgets.

The Food and Nutrition course here at RGS offers many valuable benefits to students. For example, the course may enable students to: 

  • use food preparation equipment 
  • use different cooking techniques
  • follow a recipe 
  • understand the health benefits of specific foods, nutrients, and additives 
  • understand the potential dangers of certain food ingredients and additives 
  • evaluate the contents in recipes and the ingredients listed on food packages 
  • prepare and store food safely 
  • take precautions to prevent foodborne illness 
  • discover healthier ways to make their favourite foods while maintaining a food’s appealing taste 
  • discover ways to buy healthy foods and ingredients cheaply 
  • eat interesting foods that they haven’t tried before 
  • eat foods from other cultures 
  • develop an interest in creating new recipes 
  • support their health and the health of their present and future family through the diet 

All pupils are given the opportunity of Studying Food and Nutrition in the First and Second Form as part of the DT carousel, comprising 11 week modules. Students can participate in an after school Cookery Club where they have an opportunity to enhance their practical skills and love of cooking. 

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is a demanding subject and compliments Biology, Chemistry and Exam PE. We follow the Eduqas course which has been designed to incorporate: Food Commodities, Principles of Nutrition, Diet and Good Health, The Science of Food, Where Food Comes From and Cooking and Food Preparation. 

The GCSE course is divided into 3 units: 

Assessment 1 – Written Examination  

Assessment 2 – Food Investigation 

Assessment 3 – The Food Preparation Assessment 

Enrichment Opportunities 

These come in many forms from Cookery Clubs for the Lower School; enrichment within the GCSE curriculum through trips and masterclasses, through to Elective programmes following the themes of ‘Best of British’, ‘Mediterranean Cooking’ and ‘Cooking at University.’ 

All students are invited through the Food and Nutrition department to contribute to the House Bake Offs and our school charity ‘Loveworks’. A local based charity supporting those in food poverty. We also support the Harrison foundation by inviting professional chefs to run adult masterclasses. 


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