Mathematics is a vital tool in our increasingly technical world.

Mathematics at RGS is taught in bands from Second Form (year 8) onwards, usually with one more class than the number of forms. All students sit the Edexcel 4MA1 (Higher Tier) International GCSE in Fifth Form. The top sets also study the AQA Further Mathematics IGCSE in Fifth Form.

Students have the opportunity to attend a variety of exciting talks within and outside the school, extending their interest and knowledge of Mathematics far beyond the classroom. Students are very successful when taking part in local and national Maths competitions including the UK Maths Challenges and Olympiads, Hans Woyda, the Surrey Schools Maths Challenge and Team Challenges.

Around 90 students choose to study Mathematics in the Sixth Form, making us the largest subject at that level. Candidates are entered for the Edexcel Linear syllabus, sitting all exams in Upper Sixth Form. We currently have two sets of Further Mathematicians in both senior years. Individual students are encouraged to take the Cambridge STEP examinations.

Results at both IGCSE and A Level have been impressive. In 2018, 24% of students achieved a grade 9 and 74% of students a grade 8 or 9. The A Level results were also excellent, with 43% of candidates being awarded A* grades and 75% A* or A grades.

Examination Boards
IGCSE: Edexcel IGCSE 4MA1 Syllabus A.
AQA Further Maths GCSE – Level 2 Further Maths (8360)
A Level: Edexcel 8MA0


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