Modern Languages

The ability to communicate in another language will be a key factor for success in the career market of the 21st Century.

We are passionate about giving our students an insight into and an appreciation of the cultures of the countries where their chosen languages are spoken as well as building solid foundations for them to speak and understand these languages.

All students in the First Form (Year 7) study two modern languages, choosing between French, Spanish and German. One or both of these languages are then carried on into Second Form. One or two languages may then be taken through to GCSEs (IGCSE). All three languages are offered at A Levels (AQA French, German and Spanish). Italian can be available as a beginners’ course and at AS level in the Upper Sixth Form. An Introduction to other languages and cultures are also offered (Japanese and Mandarin for instance). We have a weekly Junior Language League club with an enviable attendance. Examination results over recent years have been excellent, with the majority of A Level students gaining A*s and As and many continuing with a language at university, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Language teaching is carried out for the most part in the target language in all years. Students from Third Form to Upper Sixth Form have regular sessions with our Foreign Language Assistants. There are internal written examinations, aural tests and oral tests on a regular basis.

We see visits abroad as an extension of our classroom work. These visits are arranged for many year groups, whether as work experience, homestays, cultural visits or exchanges. Visits to Spain in 2016-2017 included a Fourth Form exchange and a Second Form visit to southern Spain; recent visits to Germany included Berlin and an exchange in Aachen, while visits to France included a Fourth Form exchange with a school near Lille, a First Form residential trip to northern France and a Second Form day trip to our partner school near Lille. Sixth Form students are encouraged to take part in work experience abroad.

Course Summaries and Specifications
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