Extended Project (EPQ)

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a relatively new VI Form qualification that allows pupils more independence and freedom than traditional A Levels, whilst also developing skills, such as autonomous planning and research, which universities are looking for.

It can be taken either instead of a fourth A Level subject, or in addition to four A Levels and for those applying to Oxford and Cambridge, four ASs, three A2s and an EPQ would be an extremely compelling portfolio of qualifications to offer.

Entrance to the EPQ programme is not guaranteed for every student, and applications to study the EPQ will be carefully reviewed by the Centre Coordinator, Mr Reid, before students can be admitted to the course.

The EPQ is graded A*-E and is worth up to a maximum of 70 UCAS points. It is, however, not “like an AS Level” in any way other than the number of UCAS points available (upto a maximum of 60 for AS Levels) and should not be thought of as such. The skills and work required for the successful completion of an EPQ are entirely different to that required for the A Level programme.

All students will take part in a Taught Skills programme which will include any skills or techniques that are required for the effective completion of an EPQ, including but not limited to:

  • Project management skills, including time, resource and task management
  • Research methodology
  • Academic writing skills
  • Thinking and metacognitive skills
  • Computing skills, including an element in conjunction with research methodology
  • Ethical guidelines and codes of practice
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Safe laboratory/workshop techniques

After successful completion of the Taught Skills module, students will then embark upon their project, during which they will:

  • Choose a topic to study and a supervisor to work with
  • Complete a Production Log, documenting the processes they go through
  • Plan and manage their project
  • Research their project
  • Develop and realise their project
  • Prepare and give a presentation on their project to an audience

Their project must take one of two forms: either a 5000-word dissertation, or a shorter 1000-word report that accompanies a “product” or “artefact”. This product/artefact can take almost any form: a short film, an event, a model or plan, a CD or DVD, etc.

For further information speak to the Project Co-ordinator, Mr A G Reid.


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