The A Level course encourages independence of mind and allows students to develop, refine and communicate their own ideas through photography.

The students are introduced to photography using both analogue and digital technology. The course is based around themed projects, where students are encouraged to advance their own ideas. Work produced is highly personal and develops according to each student’s interest and engagement with the chosen themes. They are encouraged to explore different photographic movements and genres using traditional and contemporary techniques to develop their own individual style. Classes are small enough to allow the teaching to be tailored to each student’s particular interests and to support them with pursuing their creative ideas. The students carry out in-depth research and critical analysis of other photographers, designers and artists to contextualise their own projects.

Students have access to a broad range of techniques and specialist equipment including a chemical dark room, a photographic studio and digital editing while being supported by a specialist teacher.

Examples of A Level work is on display in the Wright Gallery and is included in the Summer Exhibition.





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