The sciences are amongst the most popular and successful subjects at Reigate Grammar School.

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. It combines a variety of skills (description, application and evaluation) all of which combine to teach students to consider a wide variety of behaviours and critically evaluate these. Studying Psychology opens a wealth of opportunities at university and the wider world due to the many applications the subject offers.

The course spans two years and students will learn to plan, conduct and evaluate psychological research. In addition, students study areas including early child development, social psychology, forensic psychology and memory and forgetting.

Students are strongly encouraged to engage in wider reading to stretch their understanding. They also have the opportunity to see a number of key speakers in the area to further their interest. Extra-curricular opportunities include lectures at Royal Holloway University, guest speakers in Biopsychology and the opportunity to consider the effectiveness of the prison system in rehabilitating offenders.

Psychology is offered as an A Level Subject only.

Exam Board

Miss Fran Lee
Head of Department