Physical Education and BTEC (Sport)

Sport is an ever developing subject area and this is reflected in the breadth of the courses on offer.

Students are given the opportunity to explore their own interests through the choice of either an A Level in Physical Education or the Sport BTEC qualification. Both courses run for the two years of the Sixth Form but whereas the A Level is assessed largely by final examinations, the BTEC course is more vocational in nature and leads to the National Extended Diploma in Sport. BTEC students will usually study another A Level alongside the BTEC course.

Full details of both courses are available in the A Level course guide

A Level

This course is a good choice for students wishing to study Sports Science at university but it also offers a gateway to degree subjects such as Psychology, Physiotherapy or Science.

Not only does the course teach the scientific disciplines required (eg Physiology, Biomechanics etc) but it will also introduce students to the development of the sporting industry and the issues currently facing the world of sport. Opportunities will exist to analyse a student’s own playing performance and they will learn strategies to improve both physically and mentally.

Students will be taught by three specialist teachers and will enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities such as lectures on nutrition in sport, trips to sporting venues of interest and visiting guest speakers.


Students opting for the BTEC course will benefit from gaining employability skills alongside academic study. Problem-solving, intra and inter-personal skills feature highly in this course in addition to the ability to read technical texts, analyse and write effectively. Students will be able to select areas of interest from a range of units available. A BTEC is equivalent in size to three A Levels. At RGS, Sport (BTEC) students will usually take another A Level in addition to the BTEC course

Please speak to the Head of Academic PE if you would like to discuss which course would be most suitable for you.

Extra-curricular sport is a key feature of life at RGS including the opportunity to travel on tours – please see the Sport page for further information.

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