Academic PE

Sport is an ever developing subject area and this is reflected in the breadth of this Physical Education course.

Students are given the opportunity to explore their own interests through the practical aspect of this course combined with the taught curriculum and their own self-directed study. They will develop their skills and knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, Technology and Sport in Society in theory and in practice.

What is Physical Education?

In every part of your life you are surrounded by people playing sport, using technology to analyse sport, in the media and within the Leisure Industry. In our society it is impossible to escape the impact of sport. During the course students will be encouraged to develop critical thinking and to observe relationships with both individual sports persons and teams. It will also provide an opportunity to analyse in depth their own playing and how to improve their own performance, both physically and mentally.

Coursework and exams

The two year course is made up of three units: Two written examination papers (Component 1 and 2) and an NEA (Component 3). You will be examined in the following focus areas in component 1 Anatomy and Physiology, Skill Acquisition, Sport and Society. In component 2 the focus will be on: Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology, Psychology and Sport and Technology. The NEA is made of a practical performance in one sport plus a written Analysis and Evaluation.

Which careers could I go into with A Level PE?

Physiotherapy, Sports Technology, Sports Analysis, Marketing, PR and teaching are careers commonly associated with A Level PE. However, we are fortunate to have alumni following a wide range of careers and degrees. Those studying PE with other interests and aspirations benefit from the transferable skills inherent in the course including problem solving, critical evaluation, communication, team work and independent learning.


Over the 2 year course you will be expected to maintain high standards in both your practical and theory based units. This course is ideal for students who have an avid interest in the wider sporting context and are committed students. A GCSE in Physical Education is preferable but the course would also be suitable for students that can demonstrate a clear commitment to the subject.

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Mrs E Mitchell
Head of Academic PE


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