RGS Choral Recital


November’s Choral Recital was an evening of poem and song on the theme of ‘Light’.  The progamme varied from a beautiful, off stage rendition of a Renaissance anthem in Latin by the RGS Godfrey Searle Choir to a version of David Bowie’s ‘Star Man’ sung enthusiastically by The Junior Boys’ voices.  Lighting effects, a video clip of the first moon landing and poems about Light, Love and the Stars, elegantly read by students all added up to an enjoyable and touching evening, full of atmosphere.  Over 80 students were involved in the choral singing, showing the breadth of opportunity at RGS for any student to take part in singing if they love it – and they do seem to love it!

RGS Choral Recital-2 RGS Choral Recital-56 RGS Choral Recital-44 RGS Choral Recital-36 RGS Choral Recital-28 RGS Choral Recital-14

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