House system

The House system at Reigate Grammar School aims to develop student leadership and vertical integration across all year groups.

Students are allocated to both a House and a House family when entering the school. House families are vertical groupings spanning the age range and containing approximately twenty students in each family. Siblings are always placed in the same House.

The four Houses are named after previous Headmasters of the school:

  • Bird  (Rev. John Bird MA 1708-1728)
  • Cranston  (Rev. Andrew Cranston MA 1697-1708)
  • Hodgson  (Rev. Joseph Hodgson MA 1800-1842)
  • Williamson  (Rev. John Williamson MA 1684-1697)

Each House is led by a team of six Upper Sixth Form students who are guided by Heads of House and House staff. Assemblies take place each week and are a mixture of whole House assemblies and those held in House families. New students are allocated a buddy from within their House family and all First Form students will also have an Upper Sixth Form Mentor. Houses aim to increase the student voice at RGS, many ideas are discussed and put forward as students often feel more confident holding discussions in the small family groups. Within the House system students are encouraged to view leadership as consisting of multiple qualities, including:

  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Reflection
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Students have the opportunity to display these qualities in the vast range of House events which are open to all who wish to take part. Events include: sport, singing, drama, art, gun run, bake-off, debating/public speaking, chess and quizzes.

Each House sponsors an endangered animal and raises money throughout the year to support a charity of their choice. Recent charities supported include Great Ormond Street, St Catherine’s Hospice, Meningitis Now and Live at Home.

Endangered Animal and House Mascot:
Harpy Eagle

Endangered Animal and House Mascot:
Snow Leopard

Endangered Animal and House Mascot:
Red Wolf

Endangered Animal and House Mascot:


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