RGS Digital

At RGS we endeavour to create that excitement and anticipation behind every classroom door, where the magic happens, where the next energy scientist is inspired, or where the next business leader or poet begins to grow. Over the last two years we have learned what great online learning looks like and we are now ready to take the next step on that journey. In September 2022 we will launch RGS Digital to combine the best of our classroom practice with the best of our experience from online learning.

RGS Digital is a schoolwide initiative that will bring the selective and appropriate use of technology into the classroom and home. RGS Digital will evolve over the next three years to reach a point where each child has their own computing device as part of their normal school equipment.

What is RGS Digital?
RGS Digital is a gradual evolution in the way that we use the technology in school. It is the selective and appropriate use of technology at home and in school to support students. Over the next three years we will introduce a one-to-one computer for all so that each child has their own computer in school as part of their normal school equipment.

What benefits will RGS Digital bring?
RGS Digital will help improve the way that we deliver the school curriculum to each student. For example:

  • to provide better differentiated lessons; and
  • to help with organisation to give feedback to students in more accessible and personalised ways.

But more than this, RGS Digital will teach children about when technology is the right solution, how to use that technology safely and when using simple pen and paper is better.

Why start RGS Digital now?
Over the last two years we have all learned to use technology in new and innovative ways. We want to combine the best of our classroom practice with the bets of our online learning. We are now ready to take the next step on the journey and launch RGS Digital.

How might it better differentiate in lessons?
One-to-one devices will allow opportunity for students to access resources and tasks independently and progress through their learning at a pace that ensures understanding. They will provide opportunity for thinking beyond the immediate lesson concept and allow personalised materials to cater for individual needs.


What do you mean about feedback in different ways?
The more traditional phrase ‘marking’ is now considered a one-way action done by teachers to students work. Whilst more formal summative assessments such as tests are ‘marked’ the most powerful way teachers can help students progress is to have a dialogue to engage an action from the student. One-to-one devices allow this to happen more effectively with options for verbal, collaborative and ongoing dialogue. This can take place in response to work and so students have more time to reflect on what they need to do next to improve their learning.

When does it start?
We are launching Phase 1 of RGS Digital in September 2022 with an initial focus on the current Second and Fifth Forms who then will be in the Third and Lower Sixth Forms respectively. Remaining year groups will be added in a further two phases. Launching RGS Digital to different year groups is linked to the start the Lower School (First Form), Upper School (Third Form) or Sixth Form (Lower Sixth Form).

Students will need to have a computer either from the school arranged scheme or their own that meets the specification requirements for the start of the phase allocated to that year group.


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