Theology and Philosophy Places of Worship


On May 17 the Third and Fourth form T&P classes went on a trip to visit a mosque and a church to support our learning about Places of Worship. The first place we visited was Croydon Minster. Students were able to admire the intricate patterns and symbolism behind the art and items there while learning about their history and significance from the knowledgeable tour guide.

After we marvelled at the church we then went to a park for lunch, however the weather was not on our side so some students had to eat lunch on the coach. After that we travelled to the Baitul Futuh Mosque (the largest mosque in Northern Europe). The students were shown in depth the worship halls and learnt about contemporary Islamic attitudes to modern day issues such as gender equality and Jihad.

After this we were given the opportunity to witness the act of Muslim salah (prayer). In my opinion I would have to say that it seemed a lot quicker than a church service! Finally the students returned to the school just in time for seventh period.

Words by Nicholas Byrne (Fourth Form)

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