RGS once again highlights the importance of childhood enjoyment


As the ‘Beast from the East’ took hold this week, through some of the coldest weather RGS students will have ever encountered, RGS once again stood out as the school that recognises the importance of childhood. Amidst a determined effort to keep RGS open where possible and safe to do so, RGS Headmaster Shaun Fenton encouraged parents and their children to enjoy a snow day together where practical to do so.

This message, communicated daily via regular updates on the school website, email and social media hit a chord, resulting in positive feedback from parents and national interest from the press. One parent said:

“What a delight it was to read that, if the snow does fall, then the school encourages the children to enjoy a snow day, to build memories, have fun with their families and enjoy. To receive your email reinforced for me the importance RGS places on the whole child. So thank you.”

It seems Mr Fenton’s message comes as a refreshing change to the norm, and a reminder to all that whilst safety must come first, these childhood opportunities are rare and fleeting and should not be missed.

Mr Fenton said:

“I realise that for some families work/other commitments mean that they will not have any options about the day whereas for others it makes sense to enjoy making snowmen and sledging. Looking back to my childhood, in these moments some fabulous lifelong childhood memories were formed, memories that lasted longer than any lessons taught at school! Childhood is simply too short and we need to grab special moments when we can. A great education is about far more than the goings on of the classroom. The most powerful education is what you remember, what sticks, when you forget all that you were ever taught.

Double history can wait. There are snowmen to make.”

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