Sixth Form Charity Committee visit to Loveworks


The Sixth Form Charity Committee’s first on-site visit to the Loveworks Café and foodbank in Merstham was a real eye opener. We got to see, first hand, the fantastic work of the Loveworks cafe and how a little can truly go a long way. The cafe uses donated food from supermarkets and local businesses which would otherwise have been thrown away and turns it into filling meals for the local community.

After a tour of the kitchen, the committee got more hands-on and helped to assemble a few emergency supply boxes. We looked at how the food bank is run and how the products are categorised. The boxes contain basics like milk and oats but also custard and tinned meat. It was shocking to see that essentials such as toilet roll, are also now part of an emergency supply box.

After we had viewed the whole site the committee sat down with the Loveworks team to discuss how Reigate Grammar School could help them going forwards. We had a very successful brainstorming session and we are full of ideas about how to take things forward, in terms of both volunteering and fundraising.

The Charity Committee looks forward to working with Loveworks and encouraging the school to have a more hands-on approach with helping our local community.

Ambah BC


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