Star student Kieran


Kieran T, a keen scientist who is passionate about astrophysics and interstellar space travel, has achieved a fantastic set of GCSE results with ten 9/8 grades (equivalent to A*s). Beyond his studies, Kieran is writing a chapter of a book for the Initiative for Interstellar Studies (i4is). The book will bring together scientists from around the world, discussing their ground-breaking theories on interstellar travel. In addition, Kieran is currently working on a mission to launch a satellite into space. This would be a fully-fledged commercial launch, aiming to send the satellite into LEO (low earth orbit). Kieran, keen to focus on the sciences, is going to study Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A Level.

Kieran said the GCSE courses have been fun despite the hard work in the lead up to the exams.

I am excited to now be able to focus on my favourite subjects. I would like to study Physics at university and eventually become a particle physicist.

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