PSHEE Talk with Paralympian Ian Rose


This week, RGS was fortunate to welcome the inspiring Paralympian Ian Rose. The silver medallist shared his story of  achievement and success along with insight on how he coped with his partial sightedness, the result of eye cancer. His audiences included First, Second and Third form students who were encouraged to consider how everyone, with the right mindset and self-belief, can overcome challenges both big and small and be successful.

Mr Rose had students complete fun and effective endurance activities to make the message of perseverance real and personal. Through videos of his judo competitions he clearly demonstrated some differences between Olympic and Paralympic judo, highlighting difficulties competitors face. Through power phrases such as ‘Practice makes progress’ and encouraging students to think over long term gains using the acronym ‘GROW’ (Goal, current Reality, Options and Will), students were taught what it is to be mindful of the ‘why’ or reason for working towards a goal or achievement and how to maintain resilience.

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