Goalie George sweeps up


George D, a keen rugby and hockey player has been awarded three 9 grades, four 8 grades and three 7 grades his GCSEs. George has shown the true character of a Reigatian, contributing to many areas of school life whilst excelling in his academic studies. George competes both for the school and for Surrey as hockey goalkeeper. He has been in the RGS family of schools for 12 years, joining RGS in the First Form from Reigate St. Mary’s.

He says:

“My five years at RGS have been a brilliant experience. I’m very pleased with my results and really appreciate the opportunities I’ve had to learn, play sport, travel and be involved in a fantastic school community. A massive thanks to all my teachers for their time and help in every aspect of school life, to my fellow pupils and a special thanks to my head of year, my parents and, finally, to the porters (without whom I would have lost literally everything!).”

George will continue his studies in the Sixth Form at RGS, pursuing A Levels in English, History and Politics.

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