Stories of Success: RGS GCSE Results 2021


Here are some lovely stories from the RGS Fifth Form celebrating their fantastic GCSE results. Thank you to everyone for being such an amazing group of young adults.

Ella H

‘The music department at RGS has a really strong community which has been incredibly supportive of me during my time at the school. I have made some great friends who are also musicians.’ 

Ella is a keen musician who plays the viola, piano and guitar. She has a full complement of the highest GCSE results and will now study Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A Level, with a view to studying medicine at university. Ella is also considering taking a gap year after she has finished her A Levels. 

Lili H

“I am looking forward to studying A Level Drama at RGS. The Drama department always has so much going on and this has inspired me to get involved with an external production company this summer.”

Lili has had a busy summer participating at the Love Theatre Arts school in their production of ‘Red’ and will be performing in ‘Oliver!’ at RGS this Autumn term. In addition to Drama, Lili will study Psychology and Geography after gaining a fabulous set of GCSE results. 

Sachin J

I have found the teachers at RGS to be incredibly supportive during my time here, I really couldn’t have achieved my results without them.”

Sachin will study Chemistry, Physics, Theology and Philosophy at A Level. He is looking forward to getting back into the RGS Model United Nations club, which this year hosted the first online conference where schools from around the country debated and discussed world issues in a virtual environment.

Rebecca W

“I am so excited to be joining the Sixth Form. I’ve had a brilliant time doing my GCSE studies even though it has at times been difficult over the past 18 months. The support and motivation from the teachers have enabled me to reach my full potential.”

An outstanding set of top grades for Rebecca. She is going to be studying Maths, Physics, Latin and Spanish at A Level. She’s combined her studies with being involved with Drama productions and also being part of the Music Department playing the flute.

Matt W

“I’ve had a brilliant time at RGS. I’ve combined my studies with my love of sport. The teachers have always supported me both academically and on the sporting pitches. I’m really looking forward to starting my A Levels and continuing on with my extra curricular activities.”

Matt received an excellent set of GCSE results. He has combined his studies with excellence on the sporting fields by representing the school in rugby and hockey. He has also been in countless school productions. Over the summer he has been asked to train for the U18 Harlequin Player Development Group and he’s been selected for the RFU U17 Academy Tournament at Malvern College this week.

Sara M

‘”I have particularly enjoyed being a member of the CCF here at RGS, it was brilliant when the Royal Warrant Officer visited recently and we were all able to have a mess dinner with him.  I’m looking forward to being part of the Sixth Form where I will be able to focus on my favourite subjects including Maths, Biology and Chemistry.  I would like to do an EPQ, maybe on the subject of Biochemistry or Neuroscience.”

Sara has an excellent set of top-grade GCSE results in addition to being a keen sportswoman on the hockey field, in the swimming pool and on the athletics track. Sara will continue her participation and contribution to the award-winning CCF Corps here at RGS and is looking forward to meeting more people through the CCF and all her sporting activities.

James C

“RGS provided me with a great mix of work and fun throughout my GCSE’s and always showed us that working hard reaps rewards. The strong sense of community at RGS was even more important during the last 18 months, I’m sure this helped in supporting us through our GCSE courses – knowing the teachers were pulling out all the stops to make lessons as fun, inspiring and motivating as possible, while working remotely. Some of my favourite memories so far have been made within RGS classrooms, we have great teaching groups who have now become good friends.”

Lauren D

“During the last three years of our GCSE course, I have received a vast amount of support by the RGS teachers who have been amazing by sacrificing their time to ensure we are confident in our learning. I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m very excited to begin the last 2 years at the school as a 6th former and start my A-levels.”

Catherine T

“I am super pleased with my results and I’m really looking forward to studying maths, further maths, physics and chemistry in the Sixth Form. These subjects will hopefully allow me to study Astrophysics at university.”

Catherine is an active member of the Reigate Young Farmer’s association where she was recently listed as a finalist for 2021 junior member of the year. She is also an active member of the Reigate Priory Hockey Club. In addition to completing her Silver Duke of Edinburgh award, she holds an impressive straight set of top-grade GCSE results.

Iris M

“My experience at RGS has been so amazing. The teachers have been so inspiring that I’m considering entering the profession myself!”

Iris has achieved amazing results with top marks in ten of her GCSE subjects including Latin and Greek which is a hard combination. She plans on studying English, History, Spanish and Politics at A Level.

Elias C

“I have really enjoyed being part of the RGS esports team where I also honed my shoutcasting skills, which are my public speaking and performance skills rolled into one. I really enjoy computing, so I’m looking forward to studying Computer Science at A Level.”

Elias enjoys playing and composing music in his spare time and in addition to Computer Science, he will study Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A Level. Elias relished being part of the School Council and hopes to continue to voice the opinions and represent the views of his fellow students.

Aaliyah A

“The school has been so supportive of me through my GCSE’s, in particular the English and Drama departments.  I am now really looking forward to being a member of the Sixth Form studying in the Harrison Centre and I think the school library will be a very inspiring place to work.”

Aaliyah is a huge fan of music and plays the piano and performs in the school Polyphony choir.  She is looking forward to being a part of the forthcoming Oliver! Drama production this autumn term. 

Jamie TB

“I am relieved to have such great results and can’t wait to spend time with my friends in the Sixth Form common room. I have heard from other students that it’s really great fun being part of the Sixth Form.”

Jamie will study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A Level as he would love to pursue a career in Engineering.

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