National Finalists in AMCIS IMPACT Awards 2022

We are delighted to share with you that Reigate Grammar School has been announced as national finalists in the Admissions, Marketing and Communications in Independent Schools  (AMCIS) IMPACT Awards for 2022. These awards recognise and celebrate campaigns which have made a significant impact on a school and its community. Shortlisted for the Small Budget Impact Award, the submission focused on the way in which we have readjusted and implemented our school communications and for our values in partnership with our community.   We demonstrated this through our two part video campaign ‘Ordinary to Opportunity’. 

Over the past two years the deprivations and hardships of lockdown had made us all more reflective – simultaneously recalling what we were missing and yet hoping to find better times afterwards.

Part one, ‘We Miss Our Ordinary, ‘owned’ the things that our students wanted to recover – friendships, sport, classroom learning – while recognising that perhaps what we had taken for granted as ‘ordinary’ were anything but: ‘It’s not ordinary to be part of a community that helps you love life and do great things every day…We miss out ordinary because it’s far from it.’ The voice-overs for both films were by Headmaster Shaun Fenton.

Part two, ‘This is RGS’s Opportunity’ adopted a more upbeat mood, celebrating the forthcoming post-Covid opportunities to do things differently in a different world. ‘We can’t just deep clean the classroom… It’s time to get on with a new future.’

The winners will be announced via their annual conference dinner on 9 May 2022.

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