Our largest ReiMUN Conference in five years!

At the beginning of this month one of the most popular events in the RGS calendar took place: ReiMUN26

It was the largest take up in places at our annual ReiMUN Conference for five years! With over 350 in attendance, the day was full of fun and fruitful debate on a myriad of topical, complex international issues.

Led by Secretary Generals, Maame O and Azsvin M, the secretariat was comprised of Presidents of the Assembly Luca W and Phil B, as well as student chairs: Rohan S, Demi M, Josh G, Juan M, Gautam C, Jake B, Aadi C, Roman T-L, Iris M, Nijay S, Amelia S, Iman Y, Olivia M and Austin B. Impressively managing the chairs and admin assistants was Krish P supported by Joe F and Ayush S, as Head and Assistant Head of Admin. Student admins who kindly gave up their time for the day were: Robert G, Ella S, Mollie F, Esther F, Anjuna S, Oscar H, Julia P and Eliot D-G. We were also delighted with the energetic debate from our two delegations, the UK ( represented by Piers C, Hannah S, Ruth C, Krishna K, Arun L and Cara C and Max K. Our Afghanistan delegation was Dominic T, Elenor A-W, Hector G, Lauren B and Alex K.

A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Iris Murphy and Georgia Riley for writing and delivering our keynote address: the first time RGS students have done this. They truly represent the voices of the next leading generation. Further thanks to Thomas J who masterminded the spreadsheet and all things technical as our Head of Special Operations, as well as Mr Li, Miss Byrne and Ms Anderson for their kind support.


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