A Breathtaking Trip to Norway

Over the October half term, a group of Geography A Level students experienced the excellent opportunity to spend five days in Norway. We did so many amazing activities including climbing, a zip wire through a forest and hiking into the mountains, amongst many other fun things. Personally, some of my highlights were kayaking on a fjord, seeing the spectacular scenery from our cabins and the coach and travelling into the mountains to see a huge reservoir and lots of snow! We even managed to have a dip in a fjord, although not for long – it was so cold!

From a geographical perspective, we all benefited hugely from the trip to Norway. On the human geography side, we had a tour around the Sima Hydroelectric powerplant, which can produce enough clean energy every year to supply around 300,000 houses. We also were able to visit the huge dam and reservoir that supplied it with water. The scale of the process was astonishing! In addition to this, on our last day, we had an amazing tour around the city of Bergen. It is an unbelievable place, surrounded by mountains, with stunning views. The city tour links very well with the ‘changing places’ part of our course, I’m sure we will all be able to take something invaluable away from it for our A Level. On the physical geography side, we were all spellbound by the landscapes around us on every side, that have been created by natural geographical processes. This includes a number of breathtaking waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, not to mention the fjords.

Overall, the trip was a fabulous opportunity for us, we all loved it and its definitely not something I will be forgetting any time soon!

Sophie H

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