Terry! premieres at RGS

At RGS we like a challenge, and this year our younger students have been developing a new musical. This is an exceptional group of committed performers and theatre technicians who have spent months learning the show and making the set and props alongside RGS teachers and technicians. I am very proud of these junior students who have worked so hard to demonstrate their creativity and dedication to their school lives, their hobbies and to RGS Drama. I am also delighted that the RGS drama team continue to innovate, create and make magical experiences for the children and their audience.

The Drama department is committed to putting on a programme where classic favourites can be performed alongside new and exciting projects that stretch the students and the staff alike. We hope that you enjoy this story of Terry! we think you will, as it is the story of someone who is willing to go on a journey of self-discovery, to change and grow, take a few risks, supported by friends, family and community… sound familiar?  

The script and story by Dominic Leyton have been cleverly adapted and directed by Miss Hare; music and lyrics by John Moulder Brown and Miss Hare with musical arrangements and incidental music by Mr Hare. Jess Brown has been responsible for set, props design and additional projection design. We are thankful for all the work put in by all staff to make these productions happen including Projection Illustration design by EJ Stewart; Costume Design by Lucy Attwood; Wardrobe by Rosie Bottomley; Lighting Design and Technical Support by Will Alder and Applecart Arts.

As we bring down the curtain on another year of wonderful experiences and memories, it is exciting to come together and share this achievement: taking a piece of theatre which has never been performed before and bringing it to life for the first time. Taking risks and sharing the rewards.

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